Brainstorm Words to Describe Your Home

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Start by listing all the adjectives and nouns that come to your mind when you think about your house. Let the words and your imagination flow. Don’t worry about the order or spelling at this point. Just write them down as they pop into your mind.

Think back to when you bought your home. What made you want it? What single feature made you write an offer? Play up those factors. They might include:

  • Beautiful: Every home buyer wants a beautiful home. The word “beautiful” is powerful regardless of where or how it’s used.
  • Turnkey: Let readers know about it if your property is ready to move into tomorrow. Some agents use the phrase “all the work has been done for you,” and this is good, too. Either way, it presents a clear picture of a home ready for occupancy with minimal or no fuss.
  • Lovingly maintained: One of the greatest fears of home buyers is having to pour money into a house after closing. Homes that are well maintained require less initial upkeep, so you might want to mention that yours has been “lovingly maintained.”
  • Spacious: Buyers envision buying a home that’s large enough for their needs. You might use other words that describe a big space as well, such as huge or enormous, but don’t say it if it isn’t true.
  • Backyard paradise: These two words speak volumes. A big and welcoming backyard can be the main selling feature for some buyers, especially those with children, pets, or who are buying in warmer climates.
  • Open floor plan: A great floor plan can overcome many other objections, including the overall size of the house. Good flow can maximize space. Most home buyers want an open floor plan.
  • Redeemed to perfection: Let buyers know if you’ve made updates that enhance the home, but don’t say it was “completely remodeled” unless the home was literally torn down to the studs. This could get you sued. Say “remodeled to perfection” instead.
  • Suite: The term “suite” lets buyers know the master bedroom has its own bath, and this is a desirable feature. It’s always good to mention a “huge master suite” or “retreat.” Picture the mom and dad who just put their kids to bed. Do they want to retreat somewhere private and comfortable? Count on it.


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