As you all may have heard, Hurricane Harvey has really taken a toll on the Texas Coast this past weekend. The Category 4 Hurricane has left families in devastation as they have lost their homes, cannot find their loved ones, and are deprived of food.

Hospitals continue to fill up while supplies are running low and nurses and doctors are working hard as they have not been home for days. Most of these people have babies, children, family, and pets who are now in shelters. Many families still have yet to be rescued and continue to wait patiently in their homes where power has been outed, food is limited, and the swampy water continues to rise.

The process of rebuilding homes, schools, businesses, and communities, in general, is going to be a long, slow one. With your help, Harvey victims will have access to clean water, food, clothing, and will have a decent place to sleep while they wait for this disaster to cease. Numerous organizations are accepting donations that will directly benefit these victims.

Be aware of scammers that are attempting to make a profit off of this tragedy. There have been plenty of fake social media accounts and websites that have been scamming people for their money so pay heed to where your money is going.

A few licensed charities and organizations that are raising money for victims are Red Cross, Houston Food Bank, Food Bank of Corpus Christi, Houston Humane Society, Houston SPCA, or San Antonio Humane Society.

Our team is donating and praying for the Harvey victims and their families!

Here’s the link for more information on donating and how you can help. https://www.forbes.com/sites/sleasca/2017/08/29/hurricane-harvey-donation-charity-scams/#5f96dd2b71dc

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