Many of our clients adore the San Antonio area, however, one spot in particular that catches the attention of home buyers is the Alamo Heights/Olmos Park area.

The development of the unique and scenic area of Alamo Heights began in the 1890s. New construction and home building were planned around the area’s greenery and vegetation. Because builders gave special attention to the trees and plants that grew within the space, the beauty of the Alamo Heights area flourished. This allowed the area to develop their own aesthetic unmatched by the surrounding areas.

The area holds approximately 7,300 residents. These residents have helped the area become known for their friendliness and Texas charm. As beautiful as the area is, many of the homes have been refurbished and remodeled. The now modern homes still pose a traditional and unique touch.

The Olmos Park area sits across Interstate Highway 281, a popular route for San Antonio natives. Olmos Park is simply the bridge the connects the serenity of Alamo Heights to the hustle and bustle of Downtown San Antonio.

Families that occupy the area send their children to some of the top-rated schools in the district. The area also showcases an array of impressive private schools and not to mention, some prestigious schools of higher education such as The University of the Incarnate Word and Trinity University.

Eager to visit? Explore the sights and quirks of San Antonio without leaving your backyard. Many of the cities top attractions call the Alamo Heights/Olmos Park area home. Searching for inspiration? Museums such as The Witte and the McNay Art Museum are close by. If you want to explore the outdoors, the San Antonio Botanical Garden and San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium are perfect destinations for the whole family.

Have a habit of shopping till you’re dropping?  The Alamo Quarry Market is the place and is conveniently close by. The Quarry Market is home to popular store chains as well as a theatre.

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