We all know that this time of year is when shoppers get crazy! People are honking at each other, fighting over parking spaces, cutting lines, and overall just super frantic about all the gifts they need to purchase for their family and friends. Well, if you don’t know already, Amazon is probably the #1 place to shop for your gifts because they have almost anything you can think of! With that being said, here are a few amazing last-minute Amazon gifts that will be sure to make whoever receives them smile!

  1. Amazon Echo 2nd Generation-$80. This smart-home speaker is just like the Alexa speaker you always hear about but better! It can play the news, answer thousands of questions, cue up a song or a playlist you’ve put together, and a whole bunch of other commands that will keep the family entertained.
  2. Kindle-$60. For people who love to read, this would be a great gift to give them. They can read e-books, newspapers, magazines, and a variety of digital media. Its been out for years but people still put them to good use.
  3. Anova Bluetooth-Equipped Sous Vide Cooker-$90. Know someone who hates to hover over the stove when they have company? This would be the gift to give them. This cooker has gotten some amazing reviews for the fact that it makes professional cooking techniques a super easy process. Don’t miss out!
  4. T-fal Nonstick 12-piece Cookware Set-$63. If you know anyone who just moved to a new place or just needs a new set of nice cookware, this is an affordable set to get them! You cannot go wrong with the brand too.
  5. Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote-$35.  I LOVE my firestick and I don’t even have the Alexa Voice Remote with it, what?! The Fire TV Stick gives you access to a bunch of different apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Youtube, and many fun games to play. It is a great gift for the price.
  6. Mophie Powerstation External Battery-$50. Know someone who cannot live without their phone? This is the gift for them! This portable battery can recharge multiple devices at the same time and provides 24 hours of charge. It would be perfect for someone who travels or is constantly on the move.
  7. 11-Piece Magic Blender-$32. This amazing blender/food processor can grind, mix, whip, blend, & chop whatever foods you need when you’re cooking. It really helps to cut down prep time and the overall process of cooking a meal. I know I hate to deal with hangry people waiting for their food. (Hungry & angry)
  8. Darice 80-Piece Art Set-$29. For only $29, you get 80 supplies that include colored pencils, oil pastels, watercolors, and paintbrushes. If you know an artist that enjoys spending their time like Picasso did, they’d love this set. Even if they already have some of this stuff, more is better!
  9. Tile-Mate Key Finder-$20. For the person who is infamous for losing keys, bags, and their cell phone. This tiny Bluetooth enabled fob can be put in a backpack or on a keychain and will ring very loudly on command from your phone, making it a breeze to find your things. If you can’t find your phone, you double tap a button on the Tile that allows your phone to ring, even if its set on silent. I need this for my boyfriend.
  10. Cards Against Humanity Set-$25 and under. This game is for the entertainers! If you know someone who loves to host parties or get-togethers at their home, this is the game that they NEED. It is always a great time and it will be sure to keep you laughing all night. If they already own the game, buy them the expansion pack!
  11. Sphere and Cube Cocktail Ice Molds- $14. Making a perfect drinks calls for quality ice. This two-piece set freezes 1.75-inch spheres and 2-inch cubes for those who love a good cocktail and like to look fancy.
  12. 3-in-1 Clip-On Lens for iPhone-$13. This set includes a macro, fisheye, and super wide angle lens for those that love to take pictures! iPhones nowadays have amazing quality and there’s really no need to buy a digital camera. With these easy to use accessories, whoever receives this gift will be taking some awesome photos. Great for any traveler!

These are just a few impressive gifts that you can get your family or friends. Find some more cool gifts on this website, https://www.thrillist.com/news/nation/last-minute-christmas-gifts-on-amazon or head to http://amazon.com !

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