Over the years, investment homes have become a very popular way to keep the money flowing in with little work involved. Usually, people look for aesthetically pleasing homes that have had interior upgrades, but what they fail to look at is the location of the neighborhood and what it has to offer. Here are a few neighborhood features that could increase the value of your home:

  1. Good ol’ fashioned hiking trails. You’ll be running into a buyer that either already works out or has been wanting to work out but just didn’t have the resources. Going for a walk or hike on trails is a great way to get a cardio workout and people love the convenience of these trails being within walking distance. These areas are also great for families to take walks with their children and dogs.
  2. Healthy, mature trees. Who doesn’t love a little bit of shade in their life? Especially during the summer, trees can play a big part in wanting to do more activities outdoors. According to studies, the more natural looking the neighborhood (w/ older, healthy trees), the higher the neighborhood value.
  3. Food/Entertainment in walking distance. Most people enjoy shopping, going out to eat and maybe the occasional bar every now and then. If those shops/restaurants/bars are within walking distance or even a short drive away, that is a huge plus. People with children will feel at ease knowing they’re close to home if they have a babysitter and if they feel like enjoying a drink or two, they can.
  4. Historic home areas. Historic areas like Midtown San Antonio “ooze character and charm.” If you’ve ever been, you’d notice that some historic homes in Midtown aren’t very big & fancy but their value is worth a whole lot.  Many of these homes have gone under construction and have been well maintained just like the historic district Lavaca, the oldest neighborhood in SA!
  5. Dog Parks!!! These parks are life savers. Coming from a person that owns a redbone coonhound, a dog that constantly needs to be exercised, I am the happiest person to be living by a dog park. The dog owners that get home from work and are too tired to walk their dog, will appreciate the dog park being nearby. There are so many friendly dogs and their pup will surely get a work out there. The look and friendly feel of these parks also grasp people.
  6. The essentials nearby. Not only is it a big plus to have restaurants/fast food nearby, the cherry on the cake is having grocery stores to shop at nearby. My HEB is 2 minutes away from home and I couldn’t be happier. Actually, I can because my bank is 2 minutes away as well. People love convenience and hate wasting time. Life made easier.
  7. Amenities coming soooon. It’s nice to know what kinds of upgrades that are going to take place in your city/neighborhood. Maybe a Top Golf, shopping mall, or Wise Guys restaurant is coming your way (Wise Guys is coming to my neighborhood. I’m stoked). People look forward to new businesses in their area. Who wouldn’t love a new place to shop/eat?
  8. Community groups. Everyone loves community support!! Whether its to clean the neighborhood, walk for a cause, or find homes for pets, people can’t get enough of these events. It is truly amazing. The desirability of neighborhoods definitely rises when the people living there work together to build a better community.

Now, go out and find a great neighborhood!

These great ideas come from Trulia 🙂 https://www.trulia.com/blog/features-increase-property-values-in-my-neighborhood/?cid=soc|twitter|THIOHOI|_bmkt&linkId=36683416

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