Inspiration is everywhere. From colorful hairstyles to certain styles coming back into fashion. However, Pinterest and Instagram is the hub of inspiration for many homeowners looking to change up their space. Many homeowners have taken interest into changing up rooms in their home. In particular, changing up the spaces where people frequent, the bathroom and the kitchen. Good news for the aspiring interior decorator is the unlimited possibilities.

With over so many possibilities, the choices can get overwhelming. Who knows the exact difference between light blue and sky blue? What about lighting? A gray wall can look purple-ish pink in warm light rather than cool.

Luckily, there is no need to stress, thanks to an article on mysanantonio.com here are 6 design trends for the kitchen and bathroom.

Trend 1: Mix It Up

Patterns can be scary and unappealing at times. One wrong pattern match and it can be disastrous to your space. However, designers from Kohler Kitchen & Bath have some advice: Be bold! Patterns have the power to instantly transform a room. With a vibrant color or intricate array of shapes, something as simple as a pattern can take a room from drab to fab.

Trend 2: Unexpected Color Pairings

Every room is dying to tell a story in a home, yet the bathroom and kitchen sometimes state the same old tale. Homeowners tend to play it safe with shades of blues and green to bring a sense of calmness and relaxation. This is okay, but for those eager to change things up and add some other colors to the mix, designers recommend adding some small accents of blood orange to the cool-toned mix. The result: a dramatic statement when two complementary colors collide.

Trend 3: Softening White

The trend of all white decor is becoming widely popular. It can bring a sense of cleanliness and order to a room. However, designers warn that too much white can look clinical and resemble the likes of a hospital. They recommend adding a “warming” touch. Meaning, warm up the room with warmer tones of brass, gold, or bronze. These touches can be integrated into the backsplash or cabinets. These touches are guaranteed to soften an all white space.

Trend 4: Colorful Neutrals

Vibrant colors or most commonly used when a homeowner wants to add some “fun” to the room. If bright bursts of orange, yellow, or magenta are not your thing try going neutral. Neutral can be colorful as well. Try an “icy blue, blush sand, and any other straight from nature shades” to wake-up a room and add some fun. The main reason? the neutrals diffuse light and bring in contrasting elements.

Trend 5: An Amber Glow

A popular color for living rooms has now made its way into the bathroom and kitchen in an attempt to make the space cozier and inviting. The trick? adding metallic fixtures paired with smoky grays. Top designers say this trick creates drama to a room while welcoming guests.

Trend 6: Black and White

Black has seeped its way into the design scene through various appliances. Contrary to popular belief black and white pairings have become a “showstopper” in kitchens and bathrooms. Designers advise working with high contrast is tough, but the key is to incorporate bold patterns through color blocking, or thickly striped patterns. If done right, the colors create a modern mix.

Any which way an aspiring home decorator uses these trends, one result will be a space that is unique and truly yours.

To read more about these top 6 trends and to view more home ideas visit mysanantonio.com

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