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"You've come a long way Baby!'

Many things over many many years!

I am a Texas girl and I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas (Oak Cliff to be exact).  I moved to San Antonio in the early 80's shortly after graduating from high school ready to tackle the world. 

During the 1980's, I worked as the lead receptionist for a prosperous law office, a property management company,  as well as a real estate company back when the MLS was a 2 inch thick book!  I then ran the office of an international cabinet company specializing in European style cabinetry that was cutting edge technology and a leader in the industry.  In 1988, I welcomed my first daughter Lauren into this world and once she began Montessori school, I attended the Cooper Institute of Aerobics Research in Dallas.  I became certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer.  I enjoyed this career for 10 years as it was rewarding and fun to help people achieve their fitness goals.  This was extremely fulfilling and gave me the flexibility to set my own schedule and work around my daughter's hectic school and activities schedule, besides it was a lot of fun.  The best part about those years in fitness is that many of my former clients are still my best friends today.

In 2000 I married,  "Dan the real estate man," and began my journey as the wife of a very motivated and successful Broker.  (For a few years before that, I was the girlfriend of this same highly driven man).  In 2002 we welcomed our daughter Brenna Rose into our lives. I was blessed to be able to stay home with her in those early years until she started Pre-K.  Our real estate office expanded rapidly and we needed someone who could run an office and who loved details.  That's me!  So I put on one more hat and began running the inner office systems, doing everything from hiring staff, setting up new systems, keeping detailed accounting records, massaging egos, sweeping floors, designing offices, setting up interior office decor and more. We were awarded some huge government contracts and I was recruited because of my skill sets, to help set up the systems needed to handle that type of volume. (Our volume quadrupled  in the first several years.)  So I became the office manager of a very successful real estate company doing in excess of 300 Million dollars in sales in a short time.  'You've come a long way baby." Comes to mind. 

Since 1995, I have been around this industry every day.  I love the fast pace as the phones are always ringing and working non-stop seems to be the rule.  As a person who has high energy and an outgoing personality, real estate has been a great fit.  Through all the ups and downs of this never changing business, I have loved it.  So recently, after many years of running the inner workings of Crowned Eagle Realty LLC, and the fact that we now have a super talented team at Crowned Eagle Realty,  I finally felt it was time to emerge from the shadows and forge yet another path and become a licensed Realtor.  I love a challenge!

I am eager and ready to begin yet another journey with the knowledge that I have gained from that same Broker that I married many years and miles ago, and apply it to my own real estate career.  I am dedicated to one client at a time and want to earn your business.  God bless.