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The Eternal Optimist!

They told me, "Dan write a Bio!".... Now who wants to talk about themselves?

Well here goes: I remember being about 4 or 5 and sitting on a bench in front of a store with my older sister Karen.  Picture a towheaded kid wearing one of his 4 older brothers stained, hand-me down red and white stripped shirts, with a hole over the belly button area, sporting worn cut-off shorts and a tattered pair of J.C. Penny tennis shoes,  with convenient air holes for my toes to stick out. Shabby would be too kind of a word. My Sis tells it this way: Danny, you said,  " Sis, someday I'm gonna be able to buy my own clothes, not hand me downs!" That was followed up with, "I'm gonna be rich Sis.... You just watch!"  Its all vague now but she swears by it.  Somehow, someway, I ended up doing something that I have a passion for and now over 40 years later, that passion still resides where the little determined boy once ruled my thoughts.  I have been blessed with more than I ever deserved. I am rich in spirit, health and family.  God has been good to that little boy from long ago,  enabling me to do something I love.  I am amazed and thankful every day.

Fast forward a few years and envision a teenage boy in El Paso who is intent on buying 4 acres of land in Chaparral, New Mexico, on a note for $14,000.  I told my family it was going to be worth much more soon. They thought I was crazy and had no business buying some land.  My friends were making payments on their used Chevy Camero's, Monte Carlo's, Ford Pinto's or even 4 x 4 Ford pickup trucks,  I wanted to invest in buying land.  I knew it was going to go up in value soon. It did, I resold it for $19,000 just 5 months later.  I was hooked and I think I even bought a new pair of shoes!  That was a start of many transactions. Now, after helping over 7000 families buy or sell homes across Texas, that fire still burns deep inside me.  I always have had a feeling that everything will work out!  It really does when you think about it.  For some reason optimism followed me like the wind, always there whispering that I could do it.  You see, just as that little kid of long ago or that teenage boy full of dreams believed anything was possible, I still think I'm going to win.

From those early days till now, I have been privileged and honored to have had a chance to help so many people with their real estate buying or selling needs.  We have a super talented and dedicated staff to help people and without them, and of course, Tracy my wife, it would not be possible to have closed over 500 million dollars of sales in the past few years.  We keep things simple.  We offer, "Over the Top," service to our clients and that has been a recipe for success for us.  We are truly a full service real estate office. We now even have been entrusted with government contracts from HUD, the US Marshals office, the US Attorney Generals office as well as close ties with hedge fund groups. 

As our client, you will receive the best we have to offer in personal service, knowledge of the current real estate market statistics, upcoming trends, home values, and expert negotiation skills. We also guide you through every step of the home buying/selling process so you will never feel alone. When you hire us, we come to work for you and will bring along years of experience and sage advice.

To quote one of my favorite speakers, Zig Zieglar, "You will get everything you want in life as long as you help everyone get what they want!'

Thanks for reading this and taking a look at what we are about.  I thank God for what he has done for me.