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My family has been involved in real estate as investors, agents, renters, and advisors since before I was born. I have followed up in every role, trained by winners in the industry and successful experience. I do real estate because of only one reason – I truly enjoy it. I enjoy my clients getting the deal that makes them happy, and I enjoy giving fifteen percent of every commission to a nonprofit of their choice here in San Antonio to help our great city become even better.


I work to find and sell properties through both traditional and contemporary options available in today’s world – online websites, MLS, mailed flyers, open houses, social media, youtube, community social events that I host, and more. Real estate is less work and more passion for me, so my phone and computer is always on and busy.


No matter what you’re looking for, allow me to help you in any way I can – even if it’s just a call for advice.